How it work?

Our goal is to bring together consumers who want to purchase digital goods for just a tenth or twentieth of the cost.
A major website for digital goods, offers products in the following categories: Business, Marketing, Fitness Sports, Development, Technology, Food, Cryptocurrency, Psychology, Hypnosis NPL,… In our seven years of operation, more than 5,000 people have joined and purchased more than 15,000 digital goods.
We help thousands of consumers acquire these things for a tenth or even a twentieth of the original cost all around the world. Our members have saved up to thousands of dollars because to this.
By using “Group Buy,” we always do our best to facilitate an efficient connection between those who have the same goals. Because we want to help those who struggle to pay for their education, our service has a significant impact on the self-actualization and financial independence of our members.
Following a successful transaction, we will provide you a download link for the item you purchased, to which you will have perpetual access.
(1) The item we sent you was not the one we described, and vice versa.
(2). The product does not function as it should.
If you have any questions or problems, you may visit our Contact Us page or send an email to [email protected]
The services and courses we provide
You may get a wide range of online digital items and courses at on any subject. To find the things we are selling, you may browse our Marketplace.
You can submit us a request if the courses you want aren’t in our collection, and we’ll assist you purchase them at the best price we can. Find out below how to submit a request.
Requesting the item again that you want to buy
In addition to offering the courses already available in the Marketplace, we also provide our members the option of custom ordering any goods they like.
You can email us a request to purchase a course that is not currently available in our marketplace, and we will contact other members who have the same desire. We’ll set up a “Group Buy” when there are sufficient people interested in that item and divide the cost among them.
On this page, you may submit your request.
Setting up “Group Buy”
We form groups called “Group Buys” to bring together people who want to purchase the same digital item for less money than it originally cost.
For instance, you can make us a request if you wish to purchase this “A” product, which costs $1000. Additionally, if there are 20 additional members who are also interested in the product, you may all purchase item “A” for just $50, which is $20 less than the original price while offering almost same features and quality.
Each Group Buy participant will pay the identical sum that is displayed publicly on our “Group Buy” website.
Visit this link to see whether your course offers a “Group Buy” if you want to know if it does.
The quality of the courses
The quality of the goods will not change when costs are divided in such a way. If you purchase through our marketplace or after a successful “Group Buy,” all potential course contents and resources will be maintained the same and provided to you. Even so, there are still some perks that we are unable to offer. To fully understand everything you may and cannot obtain through this service.